GGreyhound Bus Late? Top 4 ways that you can resolve your Greyhound complaints from a former Greyhound bus driver

Greyhound Bus Late? Top 4 ways that you can resolve your Greyhound complaints from a former Greyhound bus driver

Blog Monday, 19 June 2017 23:23

Stuck in a Greyhound Bus Terminal? Waiting on a Greyhound Bus? Greyhound Bus Late? Greyhound Bus broke down?

 As a former Greyhound bus driver, I have seen my fair share of passengers “stranded” in a Greyhound bus terminal. Instead of getting upset, here are the top 4 ways that you can resolve your complaint with Greyhound Bus Lines.
There are many reasons that your Greyhound bus is late. One of the main reasons that your Greyhound bus is late is because the bus did not leave on time, this is not always the Greyhound bus drivers fault so do not blame them. Instead, take your ticket and find your schedule number. Greyhound schedule numbers are usually a 4 digit number Ex. (1073, 3950, 1010). Then head to in your web browser, and you can track the location of your Greyhound bus and see an estimated time that it will take for your Greyhound bus to arrive at your destination. 
Here are a couple of screenshots that you will find at

 greyhound late schedule


greyhound bus map

This is the way that Greyhound bus drivers look to see when their Greyhound bus schedules will arrive. Some Greyhound bus schedules are notoriously late; this means that the supervisors have an idea which Greyhound bus schedules will arrive on time and which will be late on a daily basis.


2. Greyhound Complaint 2 – I am stranded in a Greyhound Bus terminal!

It can be frustrating if you are headed to a new job, visiting family and friends during the holidays, or just need to make it to your destination by a certain time, and your Greyhound bus is late! Do not argue with the Greyhound ticket clerk or the Greyhound employee that you see in the terminal! Use these simple steps in order to get to your destination faster and with less hassle.

Check to see the location of your Greyhound bus, and the estimated time your Greyhound Bus is expected to arrive. If you have determined that it will take too long, search for another schedule that will be heading to your destination. You can do this by heading to the Greyhound Bus Lines website and clicking on “Book A Trip.” Enter your current location and your destination for the current day. After you press “search,” it will show other schedules, if any. If there is another schedule that is leaving before your late Greyhound Bus makes it to your destination, you can “transfer” to that bus if there is room. Greyhound usually charges a “transfer fee” but if you ask politely and have waited a long time, they may waive this fee.

This next “tip” may only work if you are stranded at the Greyhound bus terminal with many others also waiting with you. If there are 15-30 people waiting on a late Greyhound bus, and a significant amount of time has already passed by or from your research, you have determined that it will take hours for the late Greyhound bus to arrive, then you can ask a Greyhound supervisor if they are willing to start another schedule. “Starting another schedule” simply means that they will prepare another bus and driver so that the stranded Greyhound passengers can leave earlier. It is at their discretion but if you have been stranded at a Greyhound bus terminal for a long time it will behoove you to ask!

While it may be a rare occurrence, if you are stranded in a Greyhound bus terminal for over a day or two or if Greyhound has told you that it will take a day or two for your next schedule, and it is not due to your own fault; meaning it was a Greyhound error. Greyhound may make arrangements for you to spend the time in a local hotel that they have been authorized to use. Now, this is up to the Greyhound supervisor to approve. I have seen this happen on numerous occasions, but many passengers do not know to ask!

If they are unwilling to set you up in their authorized hotel room, they may offer you a Greyhound “meal voucher.” With a Greyhound meal voucher, you can eat a meal free at the Greyhound terminal that offers a corporate food court. It is important as these tips will mainly work at main Greyhound bus terminals and not at local Greyhound bus stop locations. 


3. Greyhound Complaint 3 – My Greyhound bus broke down. I want a refund! How long will the next Greyhound bus take!

As a former Greyhound bus driver, I am unaware if Greyhound offers refunds in these instances. I would refer you to read the information that is located on the back of your Greyhound bus ticket. While some may have gotten a voucher that can be used on their next Greyhound bus trip, I do not know if the passengers were able to get refunds because their Greyhound bus broke down.

The way the Greyhound Bus Lines dispatch system works, the Greyhound bus driver has a certain amount of time that they have to get ready and come to the Greyhound bus terminal. The driver then must inspect the bus and drive to the location that you are currently stranded. This can take hours so patience is necessary. Greyhound Bus Lines may send a mechanic to repair the bus but it may take as long as the drive that the nearest authorized mechanic has to make it get to you. I have seen passengers successfully receive meal vouchers in this instance. If you missed your connecting schedule and have to wait over a day to get on the next bus, I have seen passengers successfully get a hotel room for their inconvenience.


4. Greyhound Complaint 4 – Who do I need to talk to about handling my Greyhound complaint.

Greyhound Bus Lines has given its passenger multiples ways to contact them. If you have a Twitter account you can tweet @GHoundBusHelp or e-mail them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you need immediate attention to your complaint, then you can ask to speak to a supervisor in the Greyhound bus terminal or by calling Greyhound customer service at 1-800-846-0754.

If you enjoyed these tips, or if they have helped you in any way send me at tweet @lewissealspub on Twitter! For more information about me or my upcoming book, “The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines visit my website at God bless you!

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