PPerception of a lie - Is "murder" Christian?

Perception of a lie - Is "murder" Christian?

Blog Thursday, 06 July 2017 13:24
This article is not to judge anyone as we have all lied at some point in our life and done things that are both evil and foolish. What this article will cover is the perception of a lie and how this is used by “the mafia” in trying to achieve their end goals.

What is the "Truth"

As a Christian, I understand that there is a remarkable difference between what is “Truth” and what is a lie. The answer is quite simple, "Truth" is the Lord Jesus Christ, and a lie is a deception from the devil. When you lie, you are serving and doing the work of the devil. You can only tell the “Truth” through the Holy Ghost, this means that you must be saved by praying and asking the Lord for his help!
While I will not go in depth about the mafia, it can best be described as the “government’s secret police force.” It is secret because of many of the things that they do are illegal; this includes blackballing an individual, setting up an individual, and even murder. 

Is "murder" Christian?

Many people believe that the United States government is a Christian institution and that our nation is Christian; however, this is a lie. Many people believe this because it has been taught in schools and has been a theme in our popular culture. This is a deception from the devil.


This can be illustrated by the Unites States government murder of Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden was used as an archetype villain. The fake narrative was that Osama Bin Laden must be stopped as he is a threat to the lives of United States citizens. This false narrative was carried out by the mainstream news media as well as then-president of the United States, George Bush.

In the minds of the people in the world, Osama Bin Laden must be annihilated at all costs. When it was presented to the American people by Barack Obama that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, many people in the United States celebrated. Barack Obama could be then described as the archetype hero, the person who exhibited goodness and struggled against evil in order to restore harmony and justice to society.

The problem is that Barack Obama is not good, only God is good. As a Christian, Barack Obama is not my protector, only God is my protector. If we look to a “man” to help us then we are being deceived, only God is our help. In fact, one of the tenets of the mafia is to “make good men better.” With spiritual understanding, you are taught that only God is good and it is only through his Spirit that you are able to accomplish “good works.” When a man believes that he is good, in essence, he believes that he is God.

The Bible teaches us not to kill, but the world perceives that those in authority have a right to kill and murder their enemies. That is why “patriotism” is so evil because you are “condoning” the actions of a leader through the belief that your nation is somehow better than another one. My leader and master is the Lord Jesus Christ, not a president, mayor, or governor.



This relates to my upcoming book, “The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines,” because people who the world believes are in a position of authority; only God has authority, have consistently lied in order that the mafia can accomplish their “end goal.” You may not believe a doctor will lie, you may not believe a judge will lie, you may not believe a police officer will lie, you may not believe a lawyer will lie, but if you believe that you are being deceived. The world is evil but the only way you can “see” is by praying and asking the Lord for his help. God bless you!

Lewis Seals

Years of dealing with the absolute “corruptness” of the United States government I have found that there is only an “illusion” of fairness.

Website: https://lewisseals.com/

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