SSelling my home…

Selling my home…

Blog Monday, 17 July 2017 02:59

After losing my home and my apartment, I was left looking for a place to live. I had very little money but I had everything that I needed as I prayed and asked for the Lord’s help. The Lord blessed me to purchase this home for $8900.00. They did not want to sell it to me and did not want me to have access even after paying the amount in full; however, you cannot “prevail” over God’s children!

Many people who “claim” affiliation to the “mafia” know that they use certain tactics in order to intimidate and influence others. The reason why these tactics are not evident to most people is because the “systems” they use are trusted by people in the world.

Before I was saved and the before Lord “opened my eyes” to see, I trusted going to a man or woman doctor in order to get healed. I went before the judge in the courtroom and trusted that the man or woman would be fair and just in their decisions regarding my cases. For a long while, I too was a part of the “system” being a Memphis police officer. I thought that I was being fair and equitable to the people I came across, whether I was arresting a person or issuing a citation, I wanted to do the “right” thing.

As a government worker, I had a very limited knowledge of the “mafia.” When I was in police training, an officer I was riding with was issuing citations. We pulled over a car, but he did not issue them a traffic citation, he told me that they were a part of the “fraternity” that he belonged to and did not write them tickets. As a new officer, that made an impression on me to be more “lenient” on those who were in this organization. I remember pulling over a member in this fraternity and I was going to write him a ticket. He said confidently that the judge would “dismiss it” but he did not want to go through the hassle.

After being on the police force a few years, I applied and passed the test to become an FBI agent. I was flown by the FBI to take an in-person interview and a written exam. When my name was called and I entered in the interview, there were three current FBI agents standing and I shook each one of their hands. Each one shook my hand in a peculiar way. They pressed their “index finger” along the side of my of my wrist. It was such an “odd” handshake I “questioned” them as to why they shook my hand in this manner. They seemed taken back but one of the agents spoke up and said, “It is to see if you will make a “good partner” in the car. It was an “odd” handshake and even “odder” response that took me off guard as well. Afterward, I was told that I passed the written exam but I did not do well on the interview.

It was not until much later, when I was arresting an individual and was in conversation with him about this particular “fraternity” that I was told one of their "secrets." He stated that he was in the “fraternity” it was nothing to it but a handshake. He gave me a handshake, and I immediately remembered that it was the same handshake that the FBI agents had given me in the interview. He asked me to join him to a meeting but I refused.

I spent almost eight years as a Memphis police officer, and I did not know that this particular fraternity was actually the mafia. I am also sure that there are many others who work in government positions of “authority” and have absolutely no idea of the “inner workings” of the government.

Due to the retaliation, I have faced at Greyhound Bus Lines, I am selling my home. It was only by the Lord’s help that I was able to work on this house. Here is a picture of the initial progress:

Here is the picture that I will submit to the real estate agency to sell my home. It is only through the Lord’s help that this was possible. God bless you!

Lewis Seals

Years of dealing with the absolute “corruptness” of the United States government I have found that there is only an “illusion” of fairness.


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