IInformation Regarding The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines Book by Lewis Seals

The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines

Information Regarding The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines Book by Lewis Seals

Blog Wednesday, 07 June 2017 23:57
Before publishing this book, I have given both Greyhound Bus Lines and Leah Smith the opportunity to stop the publishing of it by simply doing the right thing. Both have refused. If either had accepted the terms that were set forth it would not have been published. The terms that both refused will be in the book and the “repository of documents” so that you may understand the rationale that they have taken against me.
This post will cover: 


I have no "ill will" or "malice" against those in the "mafia"

I have no fear of publishing this book nor do I fear any ramifications that many may “try” to subject me to. I must state that I have no “ill will” or “malice” toward anyone who is in the “government” or anyone who is in the “mafia.” We have all made mistakes, and I have made many; however, due to being a “whistleblower,” I will include the names of many individuals who have personally persecuted me for being a Christian. Many of these events are “terribly evil," and some are so “extreme” and “illegal” that they have totally ignored what a “reasonable person” would do. Many have blindly ignored the “rule of law” in favor of “anarchy” and a “dystopian regime” that is set on making people believe that they “rule the world.”

Mafia will be better defined in the book

I will refrain from defining what the “mafia” is for now but upon reading the book you will come to understand what the “mafia” is and why you should never be affiliated with this group. Through the help of the Lord, I live. There is nothing that a “man” can do to you if the Lord protects you. The book will be “free” as a download on this website https://lewisseals.com and you will be able to research the documents that I have collected over the years so that you may see the extreme “evil” of the world. 

The main tactic of the mafia

One of the main tactics that the “mafia” uses is to make it seem that one is “crazy” or “mentally unbalanced.” Therefore, I must state that I am not a danger to myself nor am I a danger to anyone else. This website and book are a “TRUE” account of a Christian whistleblower. This statement is the “legal standard” that is used in the United States to determine if a person is mentally stable. While it may not make sense now upon reading, The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines, you will see how this can be used against you.


In concluding, I am not afraid of the mafia as all the fear I have is for the Lord. Instead of doing what is right, many have come up against me with collusion and intrigue in a feigned attempt to try to make my life difficult. It does not work as the Lord fights my battles. In the book, you will read of the mighty deliverances of the Lord Jesus Christ against those who have set out to be my enemies.
Through the Lord, I love each of you! God bless you!
-Lewis Seals
Lewis Seals

Years of dealing with the absolute “corruptness” of the United States government I have found that there is only an “illusion” of fairness.

Website: https://lewisseals.com/

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