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Friday, 09 June 2017 03:57

How to Use the Repository of Documents

This post will cover:


How to use the Repository of Documents

As stated, this website will be used to store various documents that you may use to research the exact details that will be covered in, The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines. In order to be transparent, these documents will be released via Adobe PDF format. In order to read the entire document, you will have to download and install Adobe Reader or a compatible PDF viewer. You may download Adobe Reader here. In order to use the repository simply click on this link. Once there you will be presented with this web page. 

repository example one


For this example, there is only one document in the repository. The areas highlighted in red represent the documents and the selectable categories. When more documents are added the highlighted red area for selectable categories will expand to include more categories. These categories will be Lewis Seals’ Documents, Government, Greyhound Bus Lines, and Other. In the selectable area for documents, you will be able to view the first full page within the document or zoom in order to get a preview of the document.


How to view and download the documents

 If you want to get a “quick” preview of a document you can click on the zoom button and a preview of the first page only will open up in your browser. Please keep in mind that most documents are more than one page and can only be viewed fully by reading them in the Adobe PDF file format.

In order to read the documents in the Adobe PDF file format, you must go to the direct document page by clicking on the view button or the text hyperlink of the document. These areas are highlighted in the image below.


 repository example two


Once you are at the direct document page you will see a full first page preview of the document on the right-hand side. This is only the first full page! In order to get the entire document, you must click the black button “OPEN PDF FILE.” After you click the button then a new browser window will open with the complete Adobe PDF file document.

repository example three

On the left-hand side, you will also see a description of the document and relevant information about the document. The number of pages is also highlighted so you know that you are reading the full document. 


Why are these documents here to view

These documents are here because of inaction. There has been a conspiratorial plot against me in order to “blackball” these issues and sweep them under the rug. Those who are in the “mafia” have used this to their advantage by denying me access to my children, discrimination on the various jobs, denial of government benefits, and outright denial of governmental complaints that have merit. The plot against me is rooted in actions that happened roughly eight years ago. Instead of forgiveness, many still seek revenge.


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