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Monday, 17 July 2017 02:59

Selling my home…

After losing my home and my apartment, I was left looking for a place to live. I had very little money but I had everything that I needed as I prayed and asked for the Lord’s help. The Lord blessed me to purchase this home for $8900.00. They did not want to sell it to me and did not want me to have access even after paying the amount in full; however, you cannot “prevail” over God’s children!

Many people who “claim” affiliation to the “mafia” know that they use certain tactics in order to intimidate and influence others. The reason why these tactics are not evident to most people is because the “systems” they use are trusted by people in the world.

Before I was saved and the before Lord “opened my eyes” to see, I trusted going to a man or woman doctor in order to get healed. I went before the judge in the courtroom and trusted that the man or woman would be fair and just in their decisions regarding my cases. For a long while, I too was a part of the “system” being a Memphis police officer. I thought that I was being fair and equitable to the people I came across, whether I was arresting a person or issuing a citation, I wanted to do the “right” thing.

As a government worker, I had a very limited knowledge of the “mafia.” When I was in police training, an officer I was riding with was issuing citations. We pulled over a car, but he did not issue them a traffic citation, he told me that they were a part of the “fraternity” that he belonged to and did not write them tickets. As a new officer, that made an impression on me to be more “lenient” on those who were in this organization. I remember pulling over a member in this fraternity and I was going to write him a ticket. He said confidently that the judge would “dismiss it” but he did not want to go through the hassle.

After being on the police force a few years, I applied and passed the test to become an FBI agent. I was flown by the FBI to take an in-person interview and a written exam. When my name was called and I entered in the interview, there were three current FBI agents standing and I shook each one of their hands. Each one shook my hand in a peculiar way. They pressed their “index finger” along the side of my of my wrist. It was such an “odd” handshake I “questioned” them as to why they shook my hand in this manner. They seemed taken back but one of the agents spoke up and said, “It is to see if you will make a “good partner” in the car. It was an “odd” handshake and even “odder” response that took me off guard as well. Afterward, I was told that I passed the written exam but I did not do well on the interview.

It was not until much later, when I was arresting an individual and was in conversation with him about this particular “fraternity” that I was told one of their "secrets." He stated that he was in the “fraternity” it was nothing to it but a handshake. He gave me a handshake, and I immediately remembered that it was the same handshake that the FBI agents had given me in the interview. He asked me to join him to a meeting but I refused.

I spent almost eight years as a Memphis police officer, and I did not know that this particular fraternity was actually the mafia. I am also sure that there are many others who work in government positions of “authority” and have absolutely no idea of the “inner workings” of the government.

Due to the retaliation, I have faced at Greyhound Bus Lines, I am selling my home. It was only by the Lord’s help that I was able to work on this house. Here is a picture of the initial progress:

Here is the picture that I will submit to the real estate agency to sell my home. It is only through the Lord’s help that this was possible. God bless you!

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The very definition of blackball is to vote against; to exclude from membership by casting a negative vote. The origins of this word seemingly came from rejecting a person from membership in the mafia. I have never joined the mafia nor would I ever want to join the mafia. However, many people have and some have made it their mission to dismiss or reject every legitimate complaint that I have submitted to the federal, state, and local government. Many times they simply do not even respond, but if they do please know it goes to a person that is being told exactly how to handle it.

Why do I take the time to file these complaints

While I do release people’s names in these whistleblower documents, the names who are listed are usually just taking orders. The “rank and file” are just ordinary members. Governmental agencies are based on a hierarchy that is similar to the military or your local police department. They usually have to take it to their supervisor, and then their supervisor takes it to their supervisor until it has reached high enough that one can make a decision. These people do not want to be listed on this website and definitely not in my upcoming book.

This also explains why they are so adamant about dismissing or rejecting my complaints as it will have a direct impact on the “rank and file” employees they have told to carry out these orders. To make this clear, if the U.S. government were to “grant” or “approve” my whistleblower complaint many individuals would go to prison. Just like a house of cards, many people fear that they will be “thrown under the bus.” So they do what they have been told.

You may ask, “Well Lewis, if you knew they were not going to do anything, why did you take the time to fill out the complaint?” I pray and ask for the Lord’s help! The Spirit of the Lord lives in me and carries out all things that must be done. They know that I am Christian, I cannot hide it. The Lord Jesus Christ protects me! The Lord is God. Several people have taken it too far. Greyhound Bus Lines has taken it too far, Leah Smith has taken it too far, the U.S. Government has taken it too far, and several people within it.

What is the legal basis for the complaint

With that said this post will explain the “fake investigation,” that was carried out by the Department of Labor in regard to a wage theft complaint that I had against Greyhound Bus Lines. I submitted the complaint to the Memphis, “Wage and Hour Division” of the Department of Labor. They did not want to take the complaint and even alluded that they were unaware of problems with pay with Greyhound Bus Lines.

Greyhound Bus Lines is a public company but in many aspects, it operates as a “quasi-governmental” agency, similar to Amtrak or the United States Postal Service. It is a priority of the United States government to have nation-wide public transit systems and offers funding in the form of federal grants and subsidies so that it can continue operating. In fact, Greyhound Bus Lines lobbies various state governments and requests to use taxpayer money to buy Greyhound buses so that they can operate efficiently within their state.

The Department of Labor complaint was submitted under the Department of Labor’s regulation, 29 CFR Part 516. This regulation requires Greyhound Bus Lines to have general record keeping requirements; which include, but are not limited to, hours worked each day and total hours worked each workweek, basis on which employee's wages are paid, all additions to or deductions from the employee's wages. In addition, Greyhound Lines, Inc. records must include accurate information about the employee and data about the hours worked, and the wages earned.

This means that Greyhound must keep a record of everything you are owed whether you submit a pay claim or not. Since I did not even know all the money that Greyhound owed me, I submitted this complaint so that Greyhound Bus Lines had to give the Department of Labor the records showing everything that they owed me; regardless if I knew to file a pay claim on it or not.

Greyhound Bus Lines knows how much money it “saves” by having laborious employee pay claims. The problem is that the “system” that they currently have in place is driving their customers (revenue) away. The money that they believe they are “saving” from employees is actually being lost by customers abandoning their brand.

Did the Department of Labor conduct a "fake investigation"

The case investigator, Al Mosey closed the case without investigation, thus a “fake investigation.” I called Mr. Mosley when I had received his letter in the mail. The letter is dated July 28, 2016. He asked me to come down to his office the same day in order to give a statement. I did not refuse to give a statement, but I did tell him that I was unavailable to give a statement at that time. He asked when could I come in and take a statement. I told home that I was also unavailable next week, as I had planned a vacation.

I asked if he could take a phone interview to which he stated that he could not. I told Mr. Mosey a date that I could call him after my vacation. He agreed to the date. However, when I called him on the agreed date and multiple times afterward he did not answer my phone call. I left him several voicemail messages. When I was finally able to talk to him, he stated, “I talked to my supervisor, and we decided to close the case.” I told Mr. Mosey that I knew that the department was not going to investigate the case but I must be obedient to the Lord.

Somehow between Mr. Mosey and his supervisor, this was taken to mean that I did not want to have the case investigated. How could this be? I called the investigator and agreed upon a date. Should I have canceled my vacation in order for him to take my statement?

In order to ascertain this document, I sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Department of Labor. At first, it was denied but upon appeal, I was given the case document.

You can read in the repository of documents here.


It can be seen that on page four of this document that the investigator wrote, “…Case was opened based on a [redacted] from Lewis Seals who stated that he believed he was owed $3500 for miscellaneous issues with his employer…. WHI attempted the contact the [redacted] on two separate [occasions]. Both via phone on July 26, and July 28, 2016. WHI also attempted to contact the [redacted] via mail on July 26th and July 28th with a return call notification no later than [August] 5th.  Since no response, I recommend the case be drop.”


However, on the second page of the same document it states in relevant part:
...spoke with the [redacted] on July 28, 2016 [redacted] refused to provide an interview statement, stating he did not have time due to a vacation he was about to take. [redacted] told WHI that he was expected to return August 4, 2016. WHI informed the [redacted] that he was unable to start the investigation until they have spoken and an interview statement and stated he was will not be available until he returned on August 4, 2016.
As it is written, it seems that either this was a direct “falsification of official records” or that the document was changed after requesting the Freedom of Information Act. A second document that resembled the first but without date was also sent in this request. It can be read here.


Now if the Department of Labor will not even investigate a wage theft complaint that I submitted. What are the odds that they will also try to sweep the whistleblower case under the rug? OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration is under the umbrella of the of the Department of Labor.


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One of the most frustrating aspects of being a Greyhound bus driver are the wages that you are paid. I am not talking about the wages that you have earned but the wages that you are paid. At Greyhound Bus Lines, there is a difference. Greyhound pays a decent hourly rate to its drivers. The problem is that you have to “fight” to get it. As a Christian, I am not willing to fight anyone. I pray and ask for the Lord’s help. The Lord fights my battles!

Can Greyhound Bus Lines payroll policies be considered wage theft?

In the driver break room, alongside the white noise of a television, you can often hear a Greyhound bus driver screaming into the phone questioning Greyhound’s payroll department, “OEAD.” “OEAD” stands for “Operators Earnings Adjustment Department,” whose motto is, “BECAUSE WE CARE!” “OEAD” seemingly is a corporate “cabal” whose sole purpose is to save the company money! One problem, you cannot save the company money if you are stealing it off the backs of its employees. How can this be considered stealing money you ask? Let’s just see:
In employment law, when you are hired by a company, you enter into a contract with them. The terms can be made by express (written) or implied oral agreement and even through the conduct of the parties. When I was hired at Greyhound Bus Lines, they gave me a job of driving a bus and in exchange, they were to pay me money. This is a valid agreement as there was an offer, acceptance, and consideration. However, Greyhound Bus Lines allegedly breached that contract when that refused to pay me for driving the Greyhound bus.

Why are Greyhound buses constantly late?

When a new Greyhound bus driver is in class, they are given an “Operator Payroll Guide.” This obtuse and complex guide apparently “assists operators in understanding what claims can be called into the Operator Earnings Adjustment (OEAD).” This is what is written in the manual. One can only assume that by them handing this guide to you that it is considered your training. You are not taught the specifics on how to get paid! You would need an accounting degree from an Ivy-League university in order to calculate how much is owed to you. Even then, it would be possible for Greyhound Bus Lines to owe you money.
I simply asked Greyhound Bus Lines to pay me what was contractually owed to me. Some Greyhound drivers have gone years without getting their “full” pay. Just imagine how you would feel after two or even three years on the job you realize that you were not getting your “full” pay. Being shortchanged thousands of dollars will tend to have a negative impact on an individual.
A consequence is that many employees take an “us” versus “them” mentality. So they assume since Greyhound Bus Lines stole from me then I will “steal” from them. This stealing many times comes in the form of “late arrival pay.” Late arrival pay is "incentive pay" a Greyhound bus driver receives when a Greyhound bus arrives late. Which is why so many Greyhound buses are consistently late and why so many drivers were upset when I was on time. I was not following the “system” as I wanted to be honest regardless if they were stealing my money or not. What should be noted is that the bus driver has to be a certain number of minutes late in order to get this pay. I call it "incentive" pay as many drivers saw it being an "incentive" to their paycheck the later they could come in. A culture of "If you are late, stay late," is the motto spoken by many Greyhound bus drivers. However, this disadvantages many paying customers who are relying on their Greyhound bus to make it to their destination on time and possibly one of the main reasons for Greyhound customer complaints.

Basis of Department of Labor complaint

I submitted this, “Personal Pay Claim and Adjustment Request for Lewis Seals” document to Greyhound Bus Lines “OEAD” and Sherryl Tucker.  You can read the entire document in the repository here. It states in relevant part:


According to Greyhound policy and the contractual agreement between the Amalgamated Transit Union and Greyhound Lines, Inc., it is believed that I, Lewis Seals am owed compensation for work completed... In order to deliver excellent customer service and on-time performance, this attachment was created in order to obtain all monies due under the above policies and contract. While I, Lewis Seals have made a good-faith effort in obtaining all monies owed, I respectfully request all monies owed to me under all guidelines that stipulate pay to its employees under the above agreements and any others be promptly paid.


Please note that according to the Department of Labor’s regulation, 29 CFR Part 516, it is required by Greyhound Lines, Inc. to have general record keeping requirements; which include, but are not limited to, hours worked each day and total hours worked each workweek, basis on which employee's wages are paid, all additions to or deductions from the employee's wages. In addition, Greyhound Lines, Inc. records must include accurate information about the employee and data about the hours worked, and the wages earned.


Therefore, I claim all monies owed to me via Greyhound’s policy or Amalgamated Transit Union contract with Greyhound Lines, Inc. as wages earned and must be paid promptly. If this is cannot be done I request for written documentation for all monies owed so that I may file a timely pay request. Please note whether documented below or not I request all monies that are due to me under the guiding policies of Greyhound bus lines and/ or the contractual agreement between the Amalgamated Transit Union and Greyhound Lines, Inc. Failure to pay all monies due may be a violation of the Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


It is my belief that if Greyhound Lines, Inc. had an honest pay system many of the problems that it is facing in trying to reinvent itself will be solved. To take monies owed from employees simply because they are ignorant of the process or because of frustration in getting justly paid, may seem like good business sense, but in fact, it is stealing. Employees are disgruntled with this process; this leads to a decline in excellent customer service, lack of on-time performance, and high turnover. It becomes a revolving circle as apathy builds and your employees understand that you do not care enough to pay them fairly. Looking at the big picture, this will have a negative effect on logistics, and your customers will not want to ride Greyhound because of long wait times, delayed and cancellation of schedules, and poor customer service.


Thus the millions that you “think” you are saving will ultimately lead to the downfall of this company, if positive and fair changes are not made to this system. Greyhound must automate this process and bring its technology up to date regarding pay; including being able to view pay at home. I submit to you that this will have an appreciable and favorable effect on this company, more so than the “think tanks,” that have researched the psychological effects of changing a work shirt from gray to blue. I speak through the Holy Ghost and not of myself. In order to give excellent customer service to our customers, first, Greyhound Lines, Inc. must excel in giving excellent customer service to its employees. God bless you.



Sad to say that this not even scratching the surface in this whistleblower complaint. What ultimately happened is so evil, I may just save that to let you read it in the book, "The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines." The next post will focus on my Deparment of Labor complaint against Greyhound Bus Lines. After sending a Freedom of Information Act request, I received documented proof that the investigator did not investigate the case but lied to close it. Was it a "botched" cover-up? Did the Department of Labor send the right documents? Just further proof of the U.S. government's attempt to "blackball" complaints from Lewis Seals that have merit. 


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Stuck in a Greyhound Bus Terminal? Waiting on a Greyhound Bus? Greyhound Bus Late? Greyhound Bus broke down?

 As a former Greyhound bus driver, I have seen my fair share of passengers “stranded” in a Greyhound bus terminal. Instead of getting upset, here are the top 4 ways that you can resolve your complaint with Greyhound Bus Lines.
There are many reasons that your Greyhound bus is late. One of the main reasons that your Greyhound bus is late is because the bus did not leave on time, this is not always the Greyhound bus drivers fault so do not blame them. Instead, take your ticket and find your schedule number. Greyhound schedule numbers are usually a 4 digit number Ex. (1073, 3950, 1010). Then head to bustracker.greyhound.com in your web browser, and you can track the location of your Greyhound bus and see an estimated time that it will take for your Greyhound bus to arrive at your destination. 
Here are a couple of screenshots that you will find at bustracker.greyhound.com

 greyhound late schedule


greyhound bus map

This is the way that Greyhound bus drivers look to see when their Greyhound bus schedules will arrive. Some Greyhound bus schedules are notoriously late; this means that the supervisors have an idea which Greyhound bus schedules will arrive on time and which will be late on a daily basis.


2. Greyhound Complaint 2 – I am stranded in a Greyhound Bus terminal!

It can be frustrating if you are headed to a new job, visiting family and friends during the holidays, or just need to make it to your destination by a certain time, and your Greyhound bus is late! Do not argue with the Greyhound ticket clerk or the Greyhound employee that you see in the terminal! Use these simple steps in order to get to your destination faster and with less hassle.

Check to see the location of your Greyhound bus, and the estimated time your Greyhound Bus is expected to arrive. If you have determined that it will take too long, search for another schedule that will be heading to your destination. You can do this by heading to the Greyhound Bus Lines website greyhound.com and clicking on “Book A Trip.” Enter your current location and your destination for the current day. After you press “search,” it will show other schedules, if any. If there is another schedule that is leaving before your late Greyhound Bus makes it to your destination, you can “transfer” to that bus if there is room. Greyhound usually charges a “transfer fee” but if you ask politely and have waited a long time, they may waive this fee.

This next “tip” may only work if you are stranded at the Greyhound bus terminal with many others also waiting with you. If there are 15-30 people waiting on a late Greyhound bus, and a significant amount of time has already passed by or from your research, you have determined that it will take hours for the late Greyhound bus to arrive, then you can ask a Greyhound supervisor if they are willing to start another schedule. “Starting another schedule” simply means that they will prepare another bus and driver so that the stranded Greyhound passengers can leave earlier. It is at their discretion but if you have been stranded at a Greyhound bus terminal for a long time it will behoove you to ask!

While it may be a rare occurrence, if you are stranded in a Greyhound bus terminal for over a day or two or if Greyhound has told you that it will take a day or two for your next schedule, and it is not due to your own fault; meaning it was a Greyhound error. Greyhound may make arrangements for you to spend the time in a local hotel that they have been authorized to use. Now, this is up to the Greyhound supervisor to approve. I have seen this happen on numerous occasions, but many passengers do not know to ask!

If they are unwilling to set you up in their authorized hotel room, they may offer you a Greyhound “meal voucher.” With a Greyhound meal voucher, you can eat a meal free at the Greyhound terminal that offers a corporate food court. It is important as these tips will mainly work at main Greyhound bus terminals and not at local Greyhound bus stop locations. 


3. Greyhound Complaint 3 – My Greyhound bus broke down. I want a refund! How long will the next Greyhound bus take!

As a former Greyhound bus driver, I am unaware if Greyhound offers refunds in these instances. I would refer you to read the information that is located on the back of your Greyhound bus ticket. While some may have gotten a voucher that can be used on their next Greyhound bus trip, I do not know if the passengers were able to get refunds because their Greyhound bus broke down.

The way the Greyhound Bus Lines dispatch system works, the Greyhound bus driver has a certain amount of time that they have to get ready and come to the Greyhound bus terminal. The driver then must inspect the bus and drive to the location that you are currently stranded. This can take hours so patience is necessary. Greyhound Bus Lines may send a mechanic to repair the bus but it may take as long as the drive that the nearest authorized mechanic has to make it get to you. I have seen passengers successfully receive meal vouchers in this instance. If you missed your connecting schedule and have to wait over a day to get on the next bus, I have seen passengers successfully get a hotel room for their inconvenience.


4. Greyhound Complaint 4 – Who do I need to talk to about handling my Greyhound complaint.

Greyhound Bus Lines has given its passenger multiples ways to contact them. If you have a Twitter account you can tweet @GHoundBusHelp or e-mail them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you need immediate attention to your complaint, then you can ask to speak to a supervisor in the Greyhound bus terminal or by calling Greyhound customer service at 1-800-846-0754.

If you enjoyed these tips, or if they have helped you in any way send me at tweet @lewissealspub on Twitter! For more information about me or my upcoming book, “The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines visit my website at https://lewisseals.com. God bless you!

-Lewis Seals

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Greyhound Bus Lines supervisors have an "impossible" task. They must make sure that the Greyhound buses go out on time and that each schedule has a bus driver assigned to it. Greyhound Bus Lines look at many different factors to determine if a supervisor is doing their job proficiently. One of these factors is to make sure that the supervisor contacts a Greyhound Bus driver or attempts to contact them, if the driver has “booked off.” Booked off simply means that the driver called in and is unavailable to work because of fatigue or being sick.

 Greyhound supervisors are also motivated to have a full staff to minimize complaints. Greyhound Bus Lines passengers can become angry and upset if they are held at the bus terminal for long periods of time. This can become frustrating for anyone, if you had to deal with complaints from individuals about issues outside of your control. Greyhound Bus Lines supervisors use different tactics to make sure that their complement is full, but some of these tactics are against the law.


Meeting before the warning letters

On or about July 18, I had a meeting with Greyhound supervisors Sherryl Tucker and Faye Willis. I requested to have a leave of absence, and it was denied. I asked both Sherryl Tucker and Faye Willis what did I need to do to get a leave of absence. I explained to them that I was getting harassed by fellow drivers and needed a month off from work. The reason for the harassment was due to Greyhound Bus Line policy of, “On-Time Performance.” A select group of drivers believed that because I was making it to my destinations on time or before time that I was taking money off their route. In essence, they believed I was stealing money from them. This is a complex issue to explain, but it goes back to Greyhound Bus Lines not paying their employees fairly. After being denied, I ask both of them if I needed to write a letter in order to get the leave of absence. Sherryl Tucker stated that it is the “nature of the beast," and it would be the same when I came back.

In the warning letter, Faye Willis quotes Sherryl Tucker, “Sherryl Tucker told you that it would be irresponsible of her to give you that time off because it will not be good for the company.”

A copy of this letter has been uploaded to the “repository of documents” here.


Greyhound policy on unpaid leaves

According to the agreement between Greyhound Lines, Inc. and the Amalgamated Transit Union, “Employees may be granted an unpaid leave of absence of up to 90 days without loss of seniority. Longer leave may be granted if mutually agreed to by the Company and the Union. Employees requesting leaves under this provision must submit a written request to their supervisor and will specify that the request for leave be under this provision.”

I was not granted a “leave of absence” but in compromise, both Sherryl Tucker and Faye Willis gave me a “few days” off work. It is not uncommon for a Greyhound Bus driver to work weeks without getting a day off. After working a “long stretch of days,” I booked off “fatigue” because I could not safety operate a Greyhound bus.


OSHA complaint and notice letter to Greyhound

In the Lewis Seals’ complaint to OSHA he writes:

On August 4, 201, Faye Willis, driver supervisor for Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc., issued Complainant two letters of warning for using fatigue as a subterfuge to avoid work (absenteeism). It is believed that Willis issued the letters of warning because she thought Complainant’s claim of fatigue was a suspicious pretense to get more time off. The two letters arrived on the same day and they were threatening in nature. The letters stated that Complainant was to report to a meeting at the Memphis terminal with union representation......

Thus Complainant alleges that Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc. violated the STAA’s employee protection provisions when it issued him two warning letters for refusing to drive due to fatigue. Complainant asserts that “booking off” fatigue is reasonable, and that he engaged in STAA protected activity according to, “Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 392.3” that states, “No driver shall operate a motor vehicle nor can a motor carrier require or permit a driver to operate a motor vehicle, while the driver’s ability or alertness is so impaired. [sic]” Accordingly, Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc. issued the two warning letters not based on a good faith mistake of fact but on the doctrine of “unclean hands.” The letters had an effect on Complainant’s pay, terms, and conditions of employment; it did qualify as discipline, discrimination, and harassment.

A copy of Lewis Seals’ OSHA complaint can be read here.

The law behind The Surface Transportation Assistance Act can be read in a letter that was written to Faye Willis after Greyhound Bus Lines refused to let Lewis Seals come back to work after “booking off” fatigue.

The notice letter to Greyhound Bus Lines can be read here.


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Many whistleblowers may feel “revictimize” when they learn that process of complaining to their job or even a governmental agency only serves to “increase” pressure that they face in regard to the issue that they wanted addressed. In my case, I understand that there are people who fear those in the “mafia” and will not break “protocol” if told to treat a person unfairly. In fact, they may fear for their own life. That is why I would not press someone to cover my “TRUE” account.

Press release denied at PRWEB

In order to gain exposure, I must go to traditional media outlets. One such outlet is PRWEB. I submitted my press release to them, and they refused it based on their policy and procedures. It is important to note that they can refuse any press release at their discretion. However, after my press release was placed on hold and subsequently denied after making the edits that they deemed necessary, one might question their motive. Is PRWEB under political pressure not to publish press releases from Lewis Seals or Lewis Seals Publishing? Does this type of thing actually happen? I cannot speculate on this issue; however, I have uploaded the edits that they wanted me to make and their ultimate denial.

The edits that they wanted me to make, and the denial e-mail have been uploaded to the “repository of documents” and can be read at the links below.

PRWEB Editorial Hold Screenshot

PRWEB Press Release Denial


Press Release

Ultimately, I was able to submit the press release to a lesser-known brand prlog.org. The link to the press release is here. The wording has not changed from the PRWEB release. You may also read it below:

Greyhound Bus Lines Whistleblower Takes Unique Approach To Inform Public After Government Inaction

Lewis Seals, a former Greyhound Bus driver plans to take his whistleblower complaint straight to the public after inaction from the federal government.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - June 17, 2017 - PRLog -- Lewis Seals, the owner of Lewis Seals Publishing, and a former Greyhound bus driver has decided to take his whistleblower complaint straight to the public after inaction from the federal government. Lewis Seals filed a whistleblower complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) against Greyhound Bus Lines on or about September 10, 2016.

The OSHA case styled Lewis Seals v. Greyhound Bus Lines, (4-1760-17-015) alleged that Greyhound Bus Lines illegally violated the employee protection provisions of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 (STAA). The complaint further alleges that Greyhound Bus Lines has created a "climate" where a bus driver may drive a bus fatigued for "fear" of losing their job and that Greyhound Bus Lines retaliates against individuals who assert their "protected rights" under this act. The complaint also alleges, "This could reasonably be expected to pose an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of individuals who ride Greyhound Bus Lines."

A copy of the complaint can be found at https://lewisseals.com and is self-explanatory.

Under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has 60 days after receiving a complaint to conduct an investigation, decide whether it is reasonable to believe the complaint has merit, and notify, in writing, the complainant and the person alleged to have committed the violation of the findings.

Lewis Seals had this to say about the complaint:

"We all have made mistakes in life; I have made many. This is not about getting revenge. It is about how the United States government has "systematically blackballed" my complaints over a number of years. Whether it is having visitation access to my children or being discriminated as a Christian, they have shown themselves as a system that cannot be trusted."

For more information or an interview contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or https://lewisseals.com/contact

Lewis Seals Publishing
Lewis Seals
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Lewis Seals’ complaint against Greyhound Bus Lines to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been released. The complaint has been separated into three parts and can be viewed in the “Repository of Documents.”
  1. OSHA Whistleblower Complaint Part 1
  2. OSHA Whistleblower Complaint Part 2
  3. OSHA Whistleblower Complaint Part 3
This post will cover: 


The reason the complaint was released to the public

The reason for informing the public is because Lewis Seals mailed his whistleblower complaint to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on September 22, 2016, and to date (June 17, 2017) OSHA has not even conducted the initial interview with Lewis Seals to determine the need for an investigation. Upon searching OSHA's "Establishment Search" Lewis Seals' whistleblower case cannot even be found. You may see the results here.

Legal standard for (OSHA) investigation

Under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has 60 days after receiving a complaint to conduct an investigation, decide whether it is reasonable to believe the complaint has merit, and notify, in writing, the complainant and the person alleged to have committed the violation of the findings.

What is the reason for the government's inaction

The government's inaction is based on many factors; however, this is a partial letter I sent to OSHA:
On March 30, 2017, I submitted a document to OSHA to request the issuance of findings and preliminary orders regarding the above “whistleblower case.” This case as a matter of law and according to the legal requirements of several “whistleblower” statutes would conclude that this case is both “serious” and has “merit.” Using only this strict legal scrutiny, it would be fair that this case would be investigated within the statutory time limits allowed. However, after many years of dealing with the absolute “corruptness” of the United States government, I have found that there is only an “illusion” of fairness. In reality, if you are deemed a threat or have been “blackballed” then your complaints would be pushed aside. Furthermore, if the complaint deals with persons considered a “national security threat,” a whole new set of law applies that is not rooted in the democracy of the United States Constitution.
Government of itself is not the benign, helpful institution that many believe it is but an “evil” and “corrupt” system that follow many of the precepts that Niccolo Machiavelli has put forth in his books, “The Prince” and “Discourses on Livy.” Even on an intellectual level, his concept that the, “well-being of the state is the responsibility of the ruler and should be achieved by any means possible, even by deceptions, treacheries, and intrigues” seems as a fairy tale to most people. However, through my experience, the government will not only try to kill you but will try to “devastate” your life through setups, frame-ups, conspiracies, and deceit. They can take many forms as denying an individual government benefits, failing to investigate legitimate complaints, arresting an individual, attempting to silence an individual through coercion, collusion, and a host of other forms. However, one of the main “tactics” that the government uses against “known enemies of the state” is a to declare that an individual has a mental illness and tries to commit them to a “(STATE – GOVERNMENT) mental institution,” knowing that the person is not a harm or danger to himself or to anyone else.


Those following my web posts and online Twitter account may not totally understand "exactly" what is going on but it will be explained in detail in my book, "The Government, The Mafia and Greyhound Bus Lines." Those who do "understand" should not be worried about me as the Lord protects me and this is not my doing. Several individuals have gone "too far" and they know exactly what they have done. I am not out to get "revenge" nor am I trying to "prevail," I already have the "VICTORY" in Christ Jesus. God bless you!

-Lewis Seals
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In the blog post, "Information Regarding The Government, the Mafia, And Greyhound Bus Lines Book," I mentioned that I gave both Greyhound Bus Lines and Leah Smith the opportunity to stop the publishing of this book. The terms that Greyhound Bus Lines refused has now been added to the repository of documents.” You may read the contents of the settlement letter by clicking here.
This post will cover: 


Why this settlement letter is important

This settlement letter was sent to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in an attempt to settle the "whistleblower case" that was filed against them. Each year, around 18 million people depend on Greyhound Bus Lines to get them to their destinations. However, due to "manpower" and a "shortage of buses," Greyhound Bus Lines has had "severe" logistical challenges in meeting the demands of its customers. Instead of doing what is right, Greyhound Bus Lines has created a "climate" where a bus driver may drive a bus fatigued for “fear” of losing their job. Greyhound Bus Lines retaliates against individuals who assert their “protected rights” under the Surface Air Transportation Act. This could reasonably be expected to pose an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of individuals who ride Greyhound Bus Lines.

What were the conditions of the settlement

The conditions of the settlement were:
1. Greyhound agrees not to retaliate on any individual who files a complaint or “books” off fatigue.
2. Greyhound restructures payment so that employees are paid fairly for time worked without filing laborious paperwork.
3. Greyhound employees are granted “days” off in regular intervals, consistent with federal guidelines.
4. Greyhound must make this known to employees by drafting a statement detailing these policy changes or recommitment, to policies that are currently, in effect, but have been ignored.
Greyhound Bus Lines was unwilling to agree to the terms of this settlement, which should "raise concern" from both its passengers and the federal government; however, as of this writing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has not concluded their investigation in violation of federal law. This should "raise concern" as this is what Greyhound Bus Lines should already be doing and is a part of their policy and procedures. 
While I will not go into detail about the policies of Greyhound Bus Lines, it is important to note that according to the agreement between Greyhound Bus Lines and the Amalgamated Transit Union, "Operators who were available for seven consecutive days without a book-off are eligible for an Earned Day Off." Greyhound Bus drivers are "hard-pressed" to get these "Earned Days off" because they will arbitrarily be refused. 

What are the "special forces”

The "special forces" are a "nickname" to those who are currently in the "mafia." They are known by several names, these names along with the definition of the "mafia" will be defined in the book.

Legal statutes that allow me to write this book

The book will be written in accordance with legal statutes under federal law for whistleblowers. Some of those statues are:
1. First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
2. Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
3. Civil Rights Act of 1871, 42 U.S.C. § 1983
4. Civil Rights Act of 1871, 42 U.S.C.§ 1985 (2) and (3)
5. Protection for employees of publicly traded companies who provide evidence of fraud, 18 U.S.C. § 1514A
6. Final Rule 29 CFR Part 1980 U.S. Department of Labor Vol. 69 Federal Register 52104 (August 24, 2004)
7. Surface Transportation Assistance Act 49 U.S.C. §31101
8. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Rules for Implementing Section 405 of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act, 29 CFR § 1978
This by no means is an exhaustive list but under U.S. law, I am permitted to write this “whistleblower book.” This also includes events that happened roughly eight years ago to this present time. It is also "VERY IMPORTANT"  as I have no "ill will" or "malice" in publishing this account of "TRUE" events. Both Greyhound Bus Lines and Leah Smith were given the opportunity to do what is right without this book being published. These two "Greyhound Bus Lines" and "Leah Smith" are seemingly most likely the ones to assert defamation, libel, or slander. In saying that, a  "TRUE" statement cannot be libel or slander. This is even more so if it is not done with "malice" or "ill will." That is why the settlement letter has been uploaded before the publishing of this book so that people will see that there was no "ill will" or "malice" involved; however, the documents in regard to Leah Smith will not be published at this time in the repository to allow for a change of heart. We all make mistakes and I would like to give her and her family another opportunity to not be in this book, by doing the right thing. 
-Lewis Seals
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Before publishing this book, I have given both Greyhound Bus Lines and Leah Smith the opportunity to stop the publishing of it by simply doing the right thing. Both have refused. If either had accepted the terms that were set forth it would not have been published. The terms that both refused will be in the book and the “repository of documents” so that you may understand the rationale that they have taken against me.
This post will cover: 


I have no "ill will" or "malice" against those in the "mafia"

I have no fear of publishing this book nor do I fear any ramifications that many may “try” to subject me to. I must state that I have no “ill will” or “malice” toward anyone who is in the “government” or anyone who is in the “mafia.” We have all made mistakes, and I have made many; however, due to being a “whistleblower,” I will include the names of many individuals who have personally persecuted me for being a Christian. Many of these events are “terribly evil," and some are so “extreme” and “illegal” that they have totally ignored what a “reasonable person” would do. Many have blindly ignored the “rule of law” in favor of “anarchy” and a “dystopian regime” that is set on making people believe that they “rule the world.”

Mafia will be better defined in the book

I will refrain from defining what the “mafia” is for now but upon reading the book you will come to understand what the “mafia” is and why you should never be affiliated with this group. Through the help of the Lord, I live. There is nothing that a “man” can do to you if the Lord protects you. The book will be “free” as a download on this website https://lewisseals.com and you will be able to research the documents that I have collected over the years so that you may see the extreme “evil” of the world. 

The main tactic of the mafia

One of the main tactics that the “mafia” uses is to make it seem that one is “crazy” or “mentally unbalanced.” Therefore, I must state that I am not a danger to myself nor am I a danger to anyone else. This website and book are a “TRUE” account of a Christian whistleblower. This statement is the “legal standard” that is used in the United States to determine if a person is mentally stable. While it may not make sense now upon reading, The Government, the Mafia, and Greyhound Bus Lines, you will see how this can be used against you.


In concluding, I am not afraid of the mafia as all the fear I have is for the Lord. Instead of doing what is right, many have come up against me with collusion and intrigue in a feigned attempt to try to make my life difficult. It does not work as the Lord fights my battles. In the book, you will read of the mighty deliverances of the Lord Jesus Christ against those who have set out to be my enemies.
Through the Lord, I love each of you! God bless you!
-Lewis Seals
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